These photos have meant so much to us as we wait for our travel authorization! We hope you enjoy them as our first "introduction" of our daughter, and we express our sincere gratitude to the other adoptive families who provided us with these first glimpses of our daughter!

whatasmile_small.jpg asoccerball_small.jpg havingaball_small.jpg beautifulsmile_small.jpg
idontwanttogotobediwanttoplayball_small.jpg firstglimpse_small.jpg firstglimpses_small.jpg justhangingout_small.jpg
atplay_small.jpg miaandjaelyn_small.jpg inthecourtyard_small.jpg moreplayinthecourtyard_small.jpg
playtime_small.jpg playtime2_small.jpg friends_small.jpg amotherslove_small.jpg
peekaboo_small.jpg cribroom_small.jpg cribs_small.jpg givetheauntiefive_small.jpg
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