A benefit car show was held on August 18th to help raise money for Mandy's adoption and upcoming medical expenses. We can't say enough how much we appreciate the guys from our church for putting this together and the participants for bringing their cars out in spite of the spotty showers!

The last few pics are of the kids at a friend's birthday swim party!

nolantakesgarrettforarideinhisnewvette_small.jpg lookoutmom_small.jpg barbiehasacorvettewhycanti_small.jpg idontthinkso_small.jpg
scary_small.jpg funontheslides_small.jpg lotsofwork_small.jpg wheeeee_small.jpg
bigbrotherlikesittoo_small.jpg sodoesmandy_small.jpg thecarshow_small.jpg nicemachines_small.jpg
nolanjoustswithafriend_small.jpg garrettjoustswithdad_small.jpg slidesandbouncehouses_small.jpg nateandafriend_small.jpg
miadogsitsforoneoftheteens_small.jpg mandygetsarideinthevette_small.jpg natetheseamonster_small.jpg gainingconfidenceinswimming_small.jpg
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