Garrett’s Blog


November 9, 2007

     Hi. Mom and dad got mandy shes from china to she likes school and she likes to clean but I love her she loves Hannah montanah  she freaks out wen she sees Hannah montanah. Shes a little bit taller than nate about six in smaller than me. She has black hair and brown eyes. She loves pink and yellow. Sheloves to play nemo and baer on the computer. She loves dance and I like foot ball but I love her. Moms gon on a scrap booking thing so im going to be nice to dad well il try to ha ha ha. We got a new pup and named him harly hes a golden lab. Mandy loves rice ice cream chicken cake eggs and noodles. She hates cheese.she loves to giggle and play phone. Now about me I love football my favrot place is tide end.  Mandy and mia fite like sisters it is not prety it scary ha ha ha. mias mad because im on my moms computer shes saying no garrett no. oh we met this collage student at Ozark and hes chinese just like mia and mandy. Im redy for thanksgiving and im redy for pumkin pie. Look at the photos for hallaween. Wer going to GA for thanksgiving and wer going to oaklahoma for Christmas. Tomorrow dad coud take us someware.spy kids three game over so I have to go bye.

December 6, 2006

       We’ve hade mia for 8 month now it`s fun having mia she`s talking a lott now nate`s   still geting used to it ha ha ha ha we all love her varey much I wellbe back later  

November 7, 2006

     Helo I am back were going to watch curious george  Igot spy gear cool it`s a light that go`s on were  arm curious george is funny tow thumb`s up bye


October 28, 2006

       I  love Mia  so much! I am so glad we got her I had to wait 2 week`s  but it was worth it ha ha ha some time`s I change her diaper`s ha ha ha I play kitchen with her  and doll house I thought about playing with her that`s why I was happy when she came home at eight o clock  I so loved that dad`s side of the fammly were there it was cool I will keep wrighting mr. gross is coming to are house today to talk about mia he`s here mia`s  laffing ha ha ha ha

Mia`s pant`s are falling down ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha mom and dad are talking with mr.gross mia rock`s I love her so much! I just play with mia she love`s me mia love`s show`s I will keep wrighting  Nolan and  nate are watching tv and I am riteing on a dellcomputre and it`s satrday at 12a clock it steenk`s  and carneld`s  won last night YES

Can of worm`s is on so I haft to go now bye